The Slave of Duty

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Well, the house has a security system, But her friends say that she only used it When she traveled out of town.

The Pirates Of Penzance; Or The Slave Of Duty (Version 2)

Well, after the initial assault downstairs, Fine, I'm scared, But I'm still looking for another chance to escape. There's no hits on the prints at all, But I did what sir derek there asked And I created a paper trail. There's no cross-over between the two victims themselves In the wee leading up to their murders, But they did run in similar circles.

Agent moan's promotion Was temporary, But he's exceeded our expectations, And I'm confident that I could make it permanent, If you decide to step down. Bundy picked victims who had similar features To the woman that abandoned him, And we believe that our unsub is doing the exact same thing.

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Our technical analyst has compiled a list of locations That the victims visited prior to their death. No payoff on the social networng sites, And this erika silverman person Does not leave a breadcrumb-like trail. Aside from a couple of online purchases And some automatic debits, she hasn't used her credit card all week.

The Pirates of Penzance or The Slave of Duty, Act 2: "Now what is this, and what is that"...

The unsub stabbed erika silverman 17 times in the face, Grant franklin 34 times to the face and genitals. It's a good bet the unsub lis somewhere In this area, And erika is our key to figuring out Where they met. After haley and I were apart, he didn't havee very much, And that was hard, bui knew that at least he had his mom And right now he really needs his dad.

I'm a real genius 'cause this is what I di I took the travel logs from the gps sysms, Overlaid their routes againsthe geographical profile To reveal what the paper trail could not. While erika silverman is the only victim Who didn't visit a private club, A concert, or go to a fancy restaurant In the days leading upo her death, She did spend a couple of hours At cheekwood botanical gardens on tuesday.

05x10 - The Slave of Duty

I mean, we assumed that because our unsub Could so easily navigate our victims' upscale world That he most likely shared the same financial resources as his victims. If he didn't have financial independence But were still trying to keep up his social status, He'd be hemorrhaging funds.

05x10 - The Slave of Duty - Criminal Minds Transcripts - Forever Dreaming

We vetted the maids, the gardeners, the pool cleaners, Anyone who had access to the houses, But who else might go unnoticed in a privileged society? Garcia, check employee records At each of the venues the victims visited In the week prior to their death. An event up here would be a hard sell for women in heels Well, most of our private events hire valets To drive the cars down to the base of the park So they don't have to hiket up the hill. Dealerships program your home address into thnavigation system Before your car even leaves the lot.

The same company had contracts With the hotel lounge thany heminger frequented And the country club melissa johnson was a member at. I really hope to see again exciting cases in the rest of the season! It hit very close to home and I would really like to write it down. Last Reply: RE: The eulogy Characters page.

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A Thousand Words 5. Said By:. T he Turning Point in the Investigation. When JJ and Reid visited the park. They realized the individual who had access to all the information was the Valet.

Who is Greg?

He had access to the GPS and the keys to the victim's homes. You're finally going to meet your soul mate, Joe — in prison. Only you're not going to be able to push him around like you did those women. And when he comes for you in the middle of the night when you're least expecting it..

You do me a favor.. Play along". Best Lines. William LaMontagne Jr. Retaliation - An ex-con escapes while in the custody of the BAU, and the team must review his criminal career in order to determine where he may have gone.

The Slave of Duty The Slave of Duty
The Slave of Duty The Slave of Duty
The Slave of Duty The Slave of Duty
The Slave of Duty The Slave of Duty
The Slave of Duty The Slave of Duty
The Slave of Duty The Slave of Duty
The Slave of Duty The Slave of Duty
The Slave of Duty The Slave of Duty
The Slave of Duty

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