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Are we more physical, spiritual, emotional? And then we get to see Wanderer in two different bodies which change her a bit. We have weak v. After she is put in a new body, she still loves Jared.

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Melanie occasionally seems overly familiar with Ian before remembering who she is. Jared stares searchingly and confusedly at Wanderer. What makes someone who they are? What part of a person do others connect with? I love how people act and react in this book. I thought it was hilarious when Wes? That's just funny to me. If you can't use humor to cope with the apocalypse, you'll never make it. However, they only covered the human bodies.

They still see the souls as alien and other which negates understanding and compassion.

Of course that is how they would react when she is the one who knows how to bring the humans back! What makes one belong? Wanderer does not think she belongs in the cave because she is not human. Many of the humans agree. But she becomes part of the community, and her friends, who have gotten to know her and thus care about her, believe she belongs. Lacey is instantly accepted by many of the humans because she is human or becomes human again. But she has a hateful personality, and most of the main characters do not like her. So what makes us belong somewhere?

We see that he has the capacity to be kind, to gain perspective, to learn to understand. Even Kyle is developed, though it mostly comes up in the end. Initially, he is just the villain of the story, but once Sunny is brought in we see that, yeah, he is rash and selfish and arrogant and angry, but he can be gentle and kind. We know he had a girlfriend before this all started. Someone, at some point, must have seen some good stuff in him.

And his grief at losing his world is manifest through anger and violence towards those who destroyed it. He wants Jodi back. But through his interactions with Sunny, he gains understanding. He is confused by her reaction to initially meeting him and is surprised he can be so kind to her.

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As shocked as I am by this, Meyer is able to create a character that grows but still remains himself. Of course, you knew it would happen from the beginning, but I have to wonder whether it would be a better ending to just let her die. Life and love go on even in the face of death, as Meyer reminds us numerous times. Of course, she is the main character of the book, so maybe allowing her to continue learning how to be human is not such a bad thing.

And we know how Meyer hates making her characters suffer any type of consequence View all 66 comments. May 02, Nataliya rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Nobody. Except for people I dislike. Shelves: the-hype-is-overhyped. I must be a masochist. Why else would I pick this book up in the first place, let alone finish it? And it was so NOT worth it. I kid you not. Hanging my head in shame. And it didn't even have the unintentional hilarity of Twilight sparkly series.

There will be a movie. It IS happening unlike the book, in which nothing is. Ok, it's old news, but I am behind on my pop culture. The important thing is - the movie stills are out.

The Host A Novel

In both pictures. Proof: Alright, enough of the silliness. Let's get to business. The premise can be interesting - our planet overtaken by mind-controlling centipedes souls, it takes people a while to realize that the invasion had happened, and the resistance emerges. Add to it that the invaders are apparently looking for little more than world peace - and this has the beginnings of a fun sci-fi-ish story.

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  7. Alas, that didn't happen. My vision Let's immediately clarify - this "sci-fi romance" as I have seen it described is neither sci-fi nor romance. Instead we have a watered-down story of sometimes angry overprotective men pushing around and ordering around the helpless, meek, anxious, and "selfless" heroine - and occasionally carrying "their women" around as all men are prone to doing in Ms. Meyer's books. There is a lot of brooding, glaring, staring, whispering, and murmuring was Ms.

    Meyer paid extra for every instance of "murmur" in the book? It would seem so. The narration is weak, lazy, and overly dramatic.

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    The characters are caricatures. This book deserves ZERO stars. It is to literature what Gigli was to movies Anyone remember that awfulness? Probably not, as I was likely the only sane human so saw it. Again - masochism. Your time is precious; please don't waste it on The Host. Do anything else instead - like watching paint dry , which still would be more enjoyable. Am I reading the same thing as everyone else?

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    Was my copy of this book defective in any way? Jun 21, Khurram rated it it was amazing. I really did enjoy this book. It is narrated in the same style at the Twilight book in the first person. The things that make this book really good are the internal dialogue between the main characters Melanie and Wanda.

    I am told that this did not work too well in the movie, but as a book it makes great interesting reading.

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    4. The story an alien invasion has happen we the humans have lost or have we? The Aliens call themselves Souls; they think it is the closest translation from our language. They I really did enjoy this book.

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      They are inserted into through the back of the neck and attach themselves to our brains and control our bodies. They have done this on at least eight other different planets. The society seem to have 3 classes Healers their Doctors, Seekers their police force, and the general populace they are never referred to as more then Souls. Their occupation seem more a seeking of knowledge and experiences that maliciously or ambitious. The aliens so not seem to be well armed and do not like violence.

      The Invasion has been more of stealth slowly taking over people and their neighbours before any realised. Most of the technology seems to have been concentrated on healing and space travel.

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      The reason I ask the question is did ne lose is because on all the other planets they have conquered they have never met a species that is a conflicted, emotional and diverse all at the same time.

      The Host: A Novel The Host: A Novel
      The Host: A Novel The Host: A Novel
      The Host: A Novel The Host: A Novel
      The Host: A Novel The Host: A Novel
      The Host: A Novel The Host: A Novel

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