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Many new drugs and devices are also in development, with clinical trials underway to evaluate their safety and efficacy. Multidisciplinary teams : Researchers with varied expertise — genetics, stem cells, physiology, biology, bioengineering — are not working in silos anymore.

13 Reasons for Hope

Their ultimate aim: more individualized and more effective therapies. Disease development : Researchers are analyzing the molecular and genetic causes of many cardiac and vascular diseases, and through these insights we are further down the road to understanding how heart failure initiates and progresses.

Genetic clues should also lead to new therapeutic targets for this disease — tailored as much as possible to each individual person.

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Self-care : A major leap in technology is upon us, and patients will be able to self-manage their disease like never before. Studies show that this has beneficial effects on preventing heart failure hospitalization, improving quality of life, and reducing the risk of death.


Lifestyle : Science has determined that a diet high in fruits and vegetables, at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, not smoking, and drinking alcohol only in moderation, will protect you from heart attack and stroke — which are common causes of heart failure. The early detection, prevention and treatment of heart failure — and the repair of damaged hearts — are within our grasp this decade and next.

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By bringing together three world-class institutions renowned for excellence in research and clinical care, the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research is a catalyst for the pursuit of new breakthroughs in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart failure. Please accept cookies for optimal performance.

Dr Jane Goodall will share some of her most unique experiences in the field, her pioneering research on wild chimpanzees, her candid thoughts on the future of conservation, and above all, provide heartfelt reasons to maintain hope despite growing threats and often overwhelming odds. Expect to learn about the future of wild animals and the threats they face from devastating habitat loss, as well as the battle against illegal wildlife trade in ivory and rhino horn.

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The Jane Goodall Institute is an international non-profit organisation established in , with offices in 27 countries. One of its key missions is to empower individuals to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment for all living things.

More than a world-class financial centre, DIFC is also a vibrant community of retail and lifestyle.

Reasons for Hope Reasons for Hope
Reasons for Hope Reasons for Hope
Reasons for Hope Reasons for Hope
Reasons for Hope Reasons for Hope
Reasons for Hope Reasons for Hope
Reasons for Hope Reasons for Hope

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