Lefkandi III (plates) (Supplementary Volume)

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Additional Illustrations and Comparanda After when36 tombsand 10 pyreswerelocatedand investigated.

Lefkandi I, the Iron Age /

The resultswerepublishedin I. Sincethoseinitialinvestigations, thecemetery has been extensively exploredin six seasons,at in continuation first ofthejointundertaking betweentheGreekArchaeological Serviceand the andlaterinthefinaltwoseasonsas a British British SchoolatAthens, Schoolexcavation. The Greek E. The British representative Touloupa Calligas subsequent years. Pophamas itsrepresentative with Mr. Sackett as his throughout, in first two and with Dr. Lemos The in Operations projectwas thenconcludedafterthemainaim of defining thelimitsof theburialgroundhad been largely couldbe concentrated on thepublication ofthediscoveries since The studyforpublication ofthegreatquantity ofresultant findswiththeirdiffering nature, rangfrom vases to dress and and ofvariousorigins, ing fastenings weapons, including jewellery, imports is a considerable theexpertise ofa numberofscholars.

Inevitably thiswill undertaking, requiring takesometimeto coordinate and complete, since of some those involved especially alreadyhave and on the Greek have not the same amount oftime side, previouscommitments, all,especially availablewhichtheycan devotetothispurpose. The importance of thefindings at Toumbaforan understanding of theDark Age of Greece that some interim measure be taken the requires beyond preliminary reports alreadypublishedto maketheevidenceavailableto scholarsofthisthinly documented as was done stage.

This is supplementedby drawingsand photographsof select objects at a largerscale. Plans of thecemetery,itslocationand ofeach tombare placed at thebeginning,togetherwithviewsofsome the captionsto the of themore interesting depositsin situ. To providesome additionalinformation, in the Table of Contents illustrations and cross-referenced Plateshave on occasionsbeen expanded a of the more of selection at the end. The smallsectionof comparanda,consisting importantmatethe Volume.

Text rial,has been includedforease of reference,in anticipationof I, Tables are appended whichtakeintoaccountall theburialsin thecemeFinally,as in Lefkandi a diagram tery,and give theirsuggesteddates,as well as listingthe contentsof each. Furthermore burials. BSA 11 may be consultedfora studyof thevarious aspectsof theburialsup to the end of the season. For lateryears,summaryaccountsare illustrated report givenin AR thoughthatin no. An accountin Greek coveringthe seasons has been givenby Mr.

Calligas inJournalofEuboeanStudies , Popham,who withDr. Tsetskhladzeand E De Angelis Oxford Gratitudeshouldbe expressedto a greatnumberof people, by no means all mentionedbelow, containedin thisvolume.

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David Smyth,the School's honorarysurveyor,preparedthe basis forthe plans of the cemetery,the layoutof the trenchesand the generalarea of the burialgrounds. In the earlier years,he also plottedeach tomb,while cover slabs and depositswere drawnby variousmembers oftheexcavationteams. Evely,who also made thefinaldrawingofthem,and ofTomb 80 plannedby Mr. Miss Susan Birddrewnearlyall themanyvases and otherobjectsup to ,includingthe outstandingdrawingof the engravedbronze bowl, no.

AlisonWilkins oftheInstitute a in Dr. Colin of number of the made Eretria Museum tracings drawings great by Mr. Eleni Hatzakis and M. Notleast,shealsoproducedthecharts oftomband andtheirlayout. Popham,whoalsomademanyofthefinal were,ingeneral, assisted andhisstaff inthePhotographic ofthe enlargements, greatly byMr. Wilkins Department Institute ofArchaeology at Oxford.

Someothersweretaken,orprovided, Dr. Sackett, D.


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Evelyand Mr. Sackett, beforehisinvolvement inmajorexcavations atPalaikastro, wasco-director and one oftheauthorsofthereportin BSA He continued to givevaluableassistance in subsequent seasons. Specialthanksare due to Dr. Evelyforgreathelpin organising and arranging theplates, in checking numbers and providing severallastminutedrawings to add to themanyhe inventory at an earlierstage. Lemosmadea majorcontribution to thepreparation ofthisvolume,especially Finally, in theselection ofvasesforillustration and in advisingon chronology.

On thissubject, we bothhavefoundconsiderable thephasesestablished problemsin following in which were based on the Attic series and theoccurrence of I, Desborough by Leflcandi largely inlocalcontexts. Atticimports Itmaybe that,withall thenewmaterial, itwouldbe better todefine and developments. Touloupa and L. Sackettand withP. Scale Plate 9 Plans of Toumbs45, 46 and Scale Plate 10 Plans ofTombs 47 and Scale Plate 11 PlanofTomb49; primary burial. Scaleas shown Plate 12 mud-brick overlaidbya subsequent burialpartly theprimary PlanofTomb49 showing wall,andthe withtwovasesinthefill.

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Scaleas shown laterburialshaft Plate 13 atthepointindicated Tomb49; east-west sectionacrossthesouthendoftheshaft on Plate Scaleas shown. Scale Plate 17 Plan ofTomb Scale Plate 18 Plans ofTombs 60, 66 and Scale Plate 19 PlansofTombs62a,62b and Scale Plate 20 PlansofTomb64 andPyres14and Scale Plate 26 Plans ofTombs 78, and of 79, itsshaftand side niche.

Scales, T. Scale 1: 12 Plate 28 PlansofTomb80,coverslabs,andTombs Tomb39 contents remainder ; part ;fornos. B surfacesherdsfromSquare XII. C and D Pyre 13,contents part. Scale of D ; remainderas shown Plate 50 Tomb 45, contents part.

Scale Plate 51 Tomb 45, contents remainder. Scales, of vases , rest exceptno. Scale Plate 53 Top: Tomb 46, contents remainder. Scales: vases , rest except no.

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Bottom:Tomb 47, contents part. Scale Plate 54 Top: Tomb 47, contents remainder. Scale Bottom:Tomb 48, contents part. Scale Plate 55 Tomb 48, contents remainder. Scales: vases , rest Plate 56 Tomb49,contents. Scales: vase , weapons Bottom:Tomb 51, contents part. Scale Plate 58 Tomb51,contents Nos.

Lefkandi III (plates) (Supplementary Volume)

Scales:vasesandmodel,rest remainder. Plate 59 Top: Tomb 52 contents. Scales: vases and no.

Scale Plate 60 Tomb 54, contents part. Scale Plate 61 Top: Tomb 54, contents remainder. Scales: nos. Bottom:Tomb 55, contents part. Scales: vases at , fibulaeat Plate 63 Top: Tomb 55, contents remainder. Scales: no. Bottom:Tomb 57, contents. Scale Plate 65 Tomb 59, contents part.

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Scale Plate 66 Tomb59,contents pinandfaiencevases,jewellery, part. Scales:vases,fibulae, andfaienceringandscarabat Plate 67 Scalesas shown. Bottom: Tomb58,Tomb60,Tomb61 and remainder. Top:Tomb56,contents Scale exceptTomb58 amphoraat Tombs62a andb, contents. Plate 68 Tomb 63, contents part. Scales: vases ,jewellery,nos. Top:Tomb63,contents Bottom: Tombs64,66 and69,contents.

Lefkandi III (plates) (Supplementary Volume) Lefkandi III (plates) (Supplementary Volume)
Lefkandi III (plates) (Supplementary Volume) Lefkandi III (plates) (Supplementary Volume)
Lefkandi III (plates) (Supplementary Volume) Lefkandi III (plates) (Supplementary Volume)
Lefkandi III (plates) (Supplementary Volume) Lefkandi III (plates) (Supplementary Volume)
Lefkandi III (plates) (Supplementary Volume) Lefkandi III (plates) (Supplementary Volume)

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