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A great option for groups at all levels, especially B1 and higher.

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Continue Reading …. This time last year I was beginning to work on my first ever ELT publication : a grammar resource book for Polish high school students high school leaving exam aka Matura. Here are 5 things I learned from that long and often painful!

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to group activities?

Keep reading if you are interested in ELT materials writing. Instagram is definitely becoming a place to look for quality ELT content. Let me share my top 5 ELT Instagram accounts with you.

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Intermediate students may like this site because it can help them increase their vocabulary and improve their reading comprehension. Alternatively, you can encourage the students to think of their own topics.

Some activities are based on helping students organise their ideas. Each choice represents a sentence or an opinion. The students ask their partner which they agree with the most, which they like least, and order their choices on a cline for comparison. The central topic was written in a circle in the middle of the board, and then the board was divided into quarters.

Effectiveness of group work in teaching reading to intermediate students of English.

Each quarter could then represent a different point and the reasons behind it. Comparing pictures is a great activity and it can generate a lot of discussion and emergent language i. The activity is simple. Take two connected images and put them side by side.

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One example I have used before is the city versus the countryside. They then mingle and read their statement s to a partner. Their partner blocks the statement with a negative and gives a reason why. That usually results in a few laughs.

If each student's part is essential, then each student is essential; and that is precisely what makes this strategy so effective. The jigsaw classroom is very simple to use. Divide students into 5- or 6-person jigsaw groups.

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Appoint one student from each group as the leader. Assign each student to learn one segment. Give students time to read over their segment at least twice and become familiar with it. Bring the students back into their jigsaw groups.

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Ask each student to present her or his segment to the group. Float from group to group, observing the process. At the end of the session, give a quiz on the material. Compared with traditional teaching methods, The jigsaw classroom has several advantages:. He has long-standing research interests in social influence and attitude change, cognitive dissonance, research methodology, and interpersonal attraction.

Group Work Intermediate Group Work Intermediate
Group Work Intermediate Group Work Intermediate
Group Work Intermediate Group Work Intermediate
Group Work Intermediate Group Work Intermediate
Group Work Intermediate Group Work Intermediate
Group Work Intermediate Group Work Intermediate
Group Work Intermediate Group Work Intermediate

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