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Textbooks should not be purchased until confirmed with the instructor. For generally reliable textbook information—with the exception of sections with an alphabetic code like H1 or T1, and topics courses ,, —see the textbook list.

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Department of Mathematics. Transfer Credit Chart. Masters Degree Options. Schedule of Sections This option will not work correctly. Unfortunately, your browser does not support inline frames. Problems and theorems in linear algebra. Problems and theorems in classical set theory.

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Selected Problems and Theorems in Elementary Mathematics. Markov processes; theorems and problems. Inequalities: Theorems, Techniques and Selected Problems. Problems in mathematical analysis. Multiparameter Eigenvalue Problems and Expansion Theorems.

Problems in Mathematical Analysis. Limit theorems in change-point analysis. Have you already been reading math books that are organized in terms of abstract definitions and formal theorems and rigorous proofs, where the reader is expected to construct examples and counterexamples independently and the problems are about proving further abstract statements using the theorems and definitions from the chapter?

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Prospective math majors without this extensive background should plan to take MAT instead. If you are not sure whether to take or , you can sign up for , but discuss the decision with the instructors, and be prepared to change your mind.

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If is the right course for you, you will learn more and build a more solid foundation for your upper division work in mathematics or related disciplines. This class is pretty intense, but the work load can vary quite a bit for individual students, depending on your background and your goals. We expect that you will need to spend substantial time outside of class, reading the textbook and reviewing your notes in order to understand the proofs and the definitions from the textbook well enough to be able to adapt them to create new proofs and construct counterexamples.

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Following up in office hours or at the undergraduate-led problem sessions or with your study group will likely be important for understanding all the new ideas. The problems require both creativity and knowledge, and so you will need to spend unpredictable amounts of time in active contemplation while you wait for inspiration or the right insight.

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All in all, you should be ready to spend at least 10 hours per week working outside of class, and we hope you will love every second of it! You are really not sure about a major, but you love math and you are good at it. You have never taken a proof-based class before. You should not take unless you have a solid background with proofs.

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You will learn a lot in or possibly You have never had a course with rigorous proofs but you know you want to be a math major. Please take instead. You will learn much more. And keep an open mind. It is normal and good to get excited about a major that you never even considered until you took a university course that showed it to you in a new light. Maybe will show you that you love math even more than you realized.

Analysis I Analysis I
Analysis I Analysis I
Analysis I Analysis I
Analysis I Analysis I
Analysis I Analysis I

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